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Message 190 - Philip
Ali Bongos nephew it was a year ago Ali was died on the 8th March 2010 thanks to everyone for contributing.

He will be long remembered
29 March 2010

Message 189 - Warwick Annear
Early in January 2009 I discovered an original Ali Bongo Pom Pom Stick in my magic chest. In an instant I recalled the zany routine I had seen more than 30 years previously, of Ali performing his trademark version in his unique but hilarious manner, possible as the Shriek of Araby.

I decided to resurrect the routine for myself. I recalled that Ali was the President of the British Magic Circle so I sent him an email to see if he could supply me with his original patter or, at least, let me know where I might source a version.

Imagine my surprise on 11th January, when I answered the phone to discover Ali himself on the other end. We spent a delightful half hour chatting (rather Ali chattered, I listened intently). This is all the more remarkable when you realise that I live in New Zealand and it was 3:00pm in the afternoon - for Ali, it was 3:00am in the early hours of the morning! Apparently he was clearing a backlog of e-mails & decided to ring me.

For me, Ali was a wonderful man who took the time to speak to a complete stranger on the other side of the world about a magic routine that was nearly 40 years old. Truly delightful. He will be missed.
29 May 2009

Message 188 - Xevi
I can't say anything that all magicians and magic fans don't already know about the personality, charm, creativity and professionalism of the teacher Ali Bongo. He took part and was a good collaborator of the "Trobadas Màgicas" in the Costa Brava. I still remember him walking with the Catalan flag in one of the gala dinners in Platja d'Aro or eating "calcots" in Valls town. I get excited when I remember our meetings in Congresses and international festivals, principally in Italy with Alberto Sitta, in London with Ron MacMillan, in Germany with dear friends Manfred and Vicki Thumm, etc. I keep photos with him wearing shiny jackets and special or impressive bow ties. Ali, as I called him, came several times to perform in my festivals. I had the honor of sharing stage and introducing him in different shows, the last one in 2007 in Santa Cristina d'Aro, where he took part in "Vivim la Màgia" and visited my museum. His interest, curiosity and great passion for magic attracted him to my museum. I will never forget his two days walking along the collections, looking with great attention at the objects, posters, photos, etc. After his tour, his words of congratulation were for me and for my daughter Ester an important recognition and reward to our effort. He shared his opinion in an interesting article in the magazine published by The Magic Circle.

His hands printed in the mud and stew to more than a thousand degrees (unique piece) is exposed together with other "hands" of important and unforgettable illusionists, in order to preserve them forever. Ali Bongo, great lover of magic, enjoyed performing, transmitted happiness and lots of knowledge. We have lost an excellent lecturer and a brilliant creator. He had plenty of fantasy, ingenuity and imagination. In addition, I have lost a good friend. Every day, when I enter my Magic Museum where there are two of Ali Bongo's posters, I thank him for his friendship and for everything great that he has given to magic. For visitors, Ali Bongo, like many other friends, never left us, they are still alive.
17 April 2009

Message 187 - René Frotscher
Ali was always there when you needed him...right from the moment I joined the Magic Circle in the late Eighties to late last year when I invited him over to Munich to lecture for the local magic club. In between then and now, I met him on numerous occasions, usually at conventions around the globe. On such occasions, the first thing he would invariably ask me was, "so, where are you living now?". He was always kind, courteous, helped me with his wealth of magical knowledge and never seemed to get any older.
My thoughts go out to his niece and other close relatives that have accompanied him over the years.
On behalf of the Munich Magic Circle (OZ München), may we meet again in another magical pongolian life.
René Frotscher
5 April 2009

Message 186 - Vicki Lewis-Thumm
Ali, in all of his sweetness, was like a favorite uncle to me, or a best friend or even a magical brother. I could just let my hair down with Ali and have fun. An especially fond memory was the trip to China where he shared the panel of judges with Manfred and Dale Salwak among others. Dale Salwak's tribute in this guest book sums up my sentiments for Ali. When I was with Ali, I felt that the world was a good place to be. In all of our sadness, let's remember the fun times. Ali would like that. My all time favorite memory was in Sindelfingen at a magic hands convention, when Richard Ross came up with the scheme to raid Ali's hotel room in the middle of the night. Richard, Tom Owen, David Berglas among others, burst in and I spontaneously jumped in bed with Ali. Of course they captured that on film! Oh what fun times. We miss you Ali.
2 April 2009

Message 185 - Manfred Thumm
Ali worked at my convention so many times that he almost became a magic hands icon. He performed his seminar in my studio so often that he became like family to our small group of German magicians. We traveled the world of magic conventions together, shared ideas and plans, shared dinners and wine, shared theater seats and stages, shared busses, taxis and planes, shared many a magical moment. One such magical memory was the weekend spent together in Holland with Christian Fechner and Richard. Just the four of us brainstorming. Now we have lived out our plans and all that's left are the memories.
2 April 2009

Message 184 - Philippe Todaro Mano d'Oro
Ali Bongo was my idol in magic and the reason I became a magician. Ali spread his enthusiasm for the art of magic throughout the world. Therefore, I am one more magician in Finnland enjoying this art because of him. For this I say thank you Mr. Ali Bongo.
2 April 2009

Message 183 - BRIAN BARNES
The Magical Fraternity should be proud of the great send-off given to Ali on Friday last. All the tributes were excellent. What a mixture of laughter and tears! Our thanks to Alison and all Ali's family for sharing their 'Uncle Billy' with us and for the splendid reception afterwards.

Rest in peace Ali, but can we suggest that we take a few words from Ali's song and turn them into a tribute to him 'Ali, you made the world a better place!'

We will miss you - lots. Brian and Pat Barnes.
1 April 2009

Message 182 - Fred Roby
We will remind you as a very very nice person and a great artist ,we are very sad. Fred Roby and Jackie
1 April 2009

Message 181 - Hans, Peter and Nicole MORETTI from Germany
It makes me sad that Ali Bongo, a good, old friend of my parents, Hans and Helga (+) Moretti who told to me a lot from him and his loved work from us has gone!

Herewith I finish speaking on behalf of Morettis the sympathy!

Nicole Moretti
31 March 2009

Message 180 - Paul and Belinda Abbey
I have the honour of knowing Ali through the many chats during supper after the Magic Circle, plus the numerous anecdotes and stories whilst driving him home.
I will never forget the memories of working on stage with Ali at the Magic Circle, he was always gracious and courteous.
We will miss his warm and welcoming manner and his cheery Christmas cards. His sudden loss is accentuated by the fact that, he was active and inventive right to the end.
His flamboyant character will not be forgotten, we can only try to emulate this and his love for the world of Magic and performance are strong foundations we can all build on.

Paul and Belinda Abbey
30 March 2009

Message 179 - Raymond Crowe
Over the years I met Mr Bongo a number of times, he was always helpful and kind to me.
At one magic convention in Australia, he came up after my performance of a colour changing flower routine and informed me that he had a similar trick in his lecture – he said that if I minded he would drop it from the lecture. I was without words, here was a fine inventor and performer willing to not show his work incase it stepped on someone else’s. Thank you Mr Bongo.
30 March 2009

Message 178 - Albert Tam
I miss you...Mr. Bongo! You always look Young, you always made me Believe!
Thanks for your advises, thanks for you in my show, thanks for your support for our Association's frist magic convention, thanks for you always carry our convention T-shirt to attend other international conventions, thanks for your help to made me became member of Magic Circle, thanks for a lot more! You are the gift from god who made us believe with The Art of Magic, you made people understand how to be a magician.
I understand you are now have fun with other masters, who I miss too., and I am waiting to meet with you again.
The tall guy from the EAST....Albert Tam.
28 March 2009

Message 177 - dale shrimpton
nite nite Ali.Thanks for the conversations, and thanks for the memories.
27 March 2009

Message 176 - Bella Martyn
Ali was one of Topper's craziest and oldest friends. A witty and amusing performer with a great personality. Today our thoughts are with our friends Alison and Philip.


Jessica and Bella Martyn
27 March 2009

Message 175 - Chris Philpott
Ali will all ways be remembered! I met Ali at various magic Conventions, then became quite friendly with him via Email and Phone. We used to talk magic, magic and more magic. He was such a kind, polite, sweet man. He was very kind to share his knolage in magic with others, even the Young Magicians club! Ali You will be sadly missed by us all and your magic will live on for ever! A True Hero in Magic!! My parents to had the great honor of meeting and knowing Ali. It was a shock to everyone, but still will not be forgotten nor his magic!

My thoughts are with Ali's family and friends at this sad time. He'll be sadly missed but never forgotten!

From Chris Philpott and family
27 March 2009

Message 174 - Bill Nimmo
Ali honoured the West Lothian Magic Circle by becoming its first honorary member on 11th May 2001. The lecture he then gave epitomised just what a unique place he had in the annals of magic. His association with this Circle enriched all its members, as indeed he did with everyone he met, and our memeries of this great gentleman of magic will remain with us forever.
26 March 2009

Message 173 - Steve Short
It was only a few years ago that I really got to know Ali well.The first time I knew about him was when I was a schoolboy and saw him on the David Nixon shows and his own cartoon show.
When I first joined The Magic Circle in the late 70's I would speak with him and ask his advise.
In 2006 I asked Ali to help me with the biography I was putting together with Eddie Dawes about the life of David Nixon.Of course I did not need to ask twice !
I spent two full days on different occasions talking with Ali about his times with David.Ali created over 200 effects for David's shows and he gave me all his handwritten notes for all the shows which were very clear and comprehensive.He also gave me numerous photos from the TV shows and when they worked abroad.Ali also spoke about stories behind the camera's and all the fun he had with David on TV and live shows.
I also had many phone conversations and many other meetings for the book and he was always pleased to help.
I will miss our chats and I will miss Ali.
25 March 2009

Message 172 - Steve and Megumi Biddle
Ali, thanking you for all your help, support, advice and friendship that we received over the years. Enjoyed our many conversations and hands on sessions regarding our mutual worlds of paper and card. Sorry that we cannot be with you this Friday, but will be thinking of you. You will be sadly missed by all.
25 March 2009

Message 171 - Lionel Russell
I Knew Ali for a very long time dating back to Chavelles shop and our long association at the Magic Circle. He was generous with his time and always had an answer to all magical queries. We sat together in various restaurants after Monday night and other meetings, he always ordered a glass of red wine with his meal. He was very proud of his French wine tasting connections.

Dear Ali, I will miss you and you will always be in my thoughts and prayers
24 March 2009

Message 170 - Donald Monk
What a generous chap,- up there with the biggest stars, yet he still had time for us little guys.

After seeing a lecture he did at Blackpool, I decided to make up the props for one of his effects. However for some reason I couldn't make the thing work, so I wrote to him for his advice.

Not only did he reply to my letter, but he sent a bunch of magnets I needed to make it all work (I had used the wrong sort). He only needed to send me his advice, but he went that one step further for a nobody.

What a guy !
23 March 2009

Message 169 - Tony Pérez
Gracias Ali Bongo por tu impagable aportación al mundo mágico. Cada vez que hagamos un juego tuyo nos acordaremos de tí y estarás junto a nosotros, será nuestro pequeño homenaje a tí. Hasta siempre Alí.
23 March 2009

Message 168 - Stuart
As a young chap watching the goggle-box in my formative years, Ali Bongo was always the most colourful and chaotic of magicians. His speed and delivery of every performance is something I will cherish.
23 March 2009

Message 167 - Alfonso Rios
Dear Ali, Thank you is the first thing I want to say to you.... You are immortal as you will always live in the memory of the magic fraternity. You will definitely always live in my memory. Thank you for all the your wise and honest advise you give me. All the best in your new magical journey, as I don’t think this is the end.

Alfonso Rios
23 March 2009

Message 166 - David Blanco
You were always there to help with anything in your hand. One of the best persons I ever meet. You are going to be missed for magicians and not magicians. Rest in peace. Your friends and followers from Spain will never forget you.
23 March 2009

Message 165 - Andrea Baioni (Italy - MIMC)
Ali Bongo was unique for charm , humor, talent and generosity . Every magician has learnt something from him. With thoughts of gratitude and admiration. R.I.P. in a magic heaven.
21 March 2009

Message 164 - John Lenahan
I learned long ago never to show Ali a trick I invented because invariably he would say something like, “Actually that was invented in 1865 by an Albanian magician called…”
Magic has lost a fount of knowledge and I have lost a friend. Rest in peace Ali.
John Lenahan
21 March 2009

Message 163 - John McDonald Chester Guild, Order of the Magi, IBM, Ring 25
Ali was to the magic world - unique. Not many achieve as much success in their chosen vocation. Ali was part of the magical furniture. I will miss him and just knowing he was around. I wonder what he is conjouring up with David, Tommy and Ken now?
20 March 2009

Message 162 - Stephen Barney (AIMC)
Ali I cried when I heard, You are still the most famous magician, even my mums friends know your name!

Knowing you was a privilage and the quiet chats in the car driving you home late after various events will remain cherished memories

Long live Ali Bongo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20 March 2009

Message 161 - JOHN DUFFY
19 March 2009

Message 160 - James Randi
I received this sad news with mixed feelings. Ali will be greatly missed, but he left behind so many good memories and accomplishments, that we must be grateful that he visited us with such energy. He attained as great a degree of immortality as anyone could. His knowledge of the conjuring art, his charm and humor, his generosity with his time and talent, will all be cherished and remembered by us all.

Yes, he went away -- but look for him to peek out from a book, a video, a drawer... R.I.P.
19 March 2009

Message 159 - Nick Fitzherbert
Warm and wonderful memories of Ali will linger within the Fitzherbert family for many years to come - the children can't quite believe they will never see Ali again at the Saturday shows to which they loved bringing their friends. I have no doubt that one day they will be relating stories of Ali to their own children.
19 March 2009

Message 158 - Prince Darius
Ali - you were always Friendly - Helpful and above all a true Gentleman of MAGIC.
A true delight to have known you for many years. You will be sadly missed by all
of us. Rest in Peace.
Salaams from Prince Darius
18 March 2009

Message 157 - Jay Adkins
I met ali many times at the Blackpool convention and cant believe he wont be there anymore sadly missed, One of the guys who got me into magic R.I.P
18 March 2009

Message 156 - Tim Decker MMC and President, Medway Magical Society
We are very proud that Ali was one of the founder members of the Medway Magical Sociey. We were delighted that Ali was able to attend our Annual Dinner in 2008 in his new role as President of the The Magic Circle. Rather than just attending, Ali insisted on participating and helped to entertain our guests during and after the dinner with close up magic. This was a great honour and is a cherished memory.
We have a tribute to Ali on our website
18 March 2009

Message 155 - Andrew O'Connor
With thoughts of gratitude, admiration and respect from Andrew O'Connor
18 March 2009

Message 154 - Silvan
Only fews months ago you were in my home in Rome full of energy,vitality and health...
What a cruel thing destiny can be !!.

Arrivederci my friend
18 March 2009

Message 153 - Steve Dela AIMC
Ali will be missed by all...
He helped me a lot in the 6 years I had known him.
A true inspiration in every sense of the word and in every aspect of magic.
The thinking he applied to even the simplest of routines always helped me to improve and grow. Ali told me to enter my first IBM competition "what have you got to lose... the more you perform the better you will get." ... Thanks Ali, that will stay with me.
- Will miss you.
17 March 2009

Message 152 - Darryl Rose
Ali, you were unique genius, and the most generous and supportive magician I have had the honour of knowing.
For 23 years you encouraged, helped, and supported all that I did, and you will be truly missed.
I will miss our little chats, and jokes we shared, and this world has lost not only a wonderful man, but a legend. RIP, and as long as you have plenty of cardboard and sticky backed plastic, - have fun up there!

Darryl Rose
17 March 2009

Message 151 - Janet Holah
Having watched Ali Bongo on television in the 60’s, little did I realise that on moving to Tadworth in 1983, one of our neighbours would be his sister and her family. We met Ali several times at Christmas Drinks parties at one or other of the neighbours’ houses, including our own. He was always fascinating to talk to about his life and career. I last met Ali when he came to see ‘Witches of Eastwick’ performed by Epsom Light Opera Company, of which I am a member, in October 2008. He was extremely generous and fullsome in his praise of our show. We chatted about his having become President of the Magic Circle, about which he was thrilled, and he was very much looking forward to all the commitments that entailed. Whilst I only knew him on a personal rather than a professional level, I can honestly say that he was a gentleman in the true sense of the word and will certainly be greatly missed by the world of magic, but most of all by his family. Our sympathies are extended to his niece, Alison, who sometimes accompanied him on his engagements, her brother Philip, and Ali’s brother in law, Walter.
17 March 2009

Message 150 - Dan Hollingshurst
A magical legend, an excellent teacher, a kind, generous guy...and a great loss.
17 March 2009

Message 149 - Steve Allen MMC
Every so often a true star pops into our lives, Ali was one of those.Magic and your friends will miss you.
17 March 2009

Message 148 - Phil Willmarth MIMC
Ali was a joy to be with, an inspiration to know, and will forever be a legend for his genius, his love of the Art, and his generousity to magicians. It was a pleasure to shave a small part of his life as he shared his with all of us.

I do hope his many friends will gather together and produce a record of his many magical creations both in printed and video form so they can be published to be shared and preserved at The Magic Circle he served so well so long. Thank you, Ali for being you.
17 March 2009

Message 147 - Stuart and Jayne Loughland - Safire Illusionists
It’s so rare to find a performer who's so generous with their knowledge, idea's and time.
He always gave us so much encouragement and inspiration and we are so pleased that we were able to add these idea's into our act and he was able to see us perform them.
Anyone who met him should feel privileged to have known him and he will never be replaced.
17 March 2009

Message 146 - Simon Drake
My sincere condolences to Alison and Phillip and the family. It’s clear by these expressions of love and gratitude how much this delightful, unique man will be missed. I hope Ali’s legacy will be his incredible and unselfish generosity of his time, genius and spirit, his ability to see the good in anyone, and his sheer love and extraordinary enthusiasm for the craft of magic. If he were to read all these he would perhaps say, ‘This can’t be about me, besides I had so much more to do!’ Our dear friend can now rest in that he did a huge amount for us all and delighted and enchanted millions. We can now celebrate his life and remember his laughter forever.
17 March 2009

Message 145 - Alan and Ann Jones (Ann L Roe)
Fond memories of an inspirational, colourful and unforgettable magical friend.

The wand rests ... the spell silent ... the magician sleeps.
17 March 2009

Message 144 - Wizzbang the Wizard
I'll miss our chats on the train to and from the Blackpool Convention. Always a gentleman, even to us colonials from Australia.
17 March 2009

Message 143 - Mark and Raffles
Dear Alison and Philip,

This is to send you our condolences in the sad loss of your dear magical Uncle Billy.
Ali and I were friends and colleagues for over fifty professional years, sharing many shows and happy times and memories together.
His fame and name will live on for future generations.
What a wonderful legacy to have left behind
16 March 2009

Message 142 - Colin Underwood
You will be missed! He was always a major inspiration to me in my former years and I enjoyed his magic. I saw him briefly at the recent Blackpool convention and he always had a happy smile and time for strangers.Also condolences from The magicians of South Africa.
16 March 2009

Message 141 - Peter La Scalla ( Hobbs )
Last autumn Ihad the honour of driving him from the railway station to his Hotel shortly before delivering his lecture to the Darlington magic circle . The lights in the hotel had all gone out , he just shrugged it off . He was brilliant to me ,my son , and all my colleagues in the circle . I feel so lucky to have been close to Showbiz Royalty .
16 March 2009

Message 140 - Richard Wiseman
Always interesting and interested, Ali was one of the few people whose knowledge of magic was matched only by his humility.
16 March 2009

Message 139 - Charles Garland
My first week at the BBC was spent working on The Paul Daniels Magic Show, with Paul, Debbie, John Fisher the genius producer, Gil Leaney and the amazing Ali. I had a great time, and was delighted to be part of the team for the next three series.
I am about the same height as Paul, so I could stand in for him at rehearsals. One day Ali tied me to a raft on Lake Windermere, wrists and ankles attached to Gina Campbell's power boats facing in opposite directions, revving up, and ready to tear me in half. Just before he got on to the safety boat to watch, I asked him if he'd forgotten anything. His lips pursed and his brow furrowed. "No, I don't think so" he replied. "How about telling me how I get out of this?" His face lit up. "Oh yes" he said cheerily, "I suppose I could do that if you like".
Thank you Ali, for sparing my life, and for a hundred happy memories. RIP.
16 March 2009

Message 138 - Jeremy and Cheryl Le Poidevin - Practical Magic
All the comments on Ali mention how much he gave to other people. What a wonderful tribute to a kind and generous man. It was a privilege to know him, and we remember fondly the evening in southern France a couple of years back when he told us how he and Pat Page lay on the floor (out of shot) flinging doves upwards towards Orson Wells (in shot) during the filming of Casino Royale.
16 March 2009

Message 137 - Nate Marx
Thank you for being an inspiration to the conjuring art. You will surely remain on my thoughts and heart as a magician.
15 March 2009

Message 136 - Roger Blakiston
I bought one of my first magic tricks from Ali when I was a child, and he worked behind the magic counter in Hamley's. As we both got older, I got to know Ali quite well. We would have great conversations at many conventions around the world, and ofcourse at The Magic Circle both in Chenies Mews and Stephenson Way. Ali had one of the most creative minds in magic, and he has left this earth far too soon. I will miss you, Ali Bongo! I bet the angels are very curious about your turned up shoes!! Jolly Roger AIMC
15 March 2009

Message 135 - Iain Jenkins
It was such a privilege to have met such a true legend of magic as well as a true gentleman. Magic has lost one of it's greatest stars but your magical sparkle will be with us for eternity. Thank you for your insight, advice and sharing so much with us.

My heartfelt condolences to all of Ali's nearest & dearest. I hope that you gain much comfort from knowing how highly he is and always will be regarded as well as that we are also thinking of you at this time.

Thank you for the magic and being such a great man.
15 March 2009

Message 134 - John Archer
Ali, you were one of the best. Always helpful, always honest and it seemed like you would always be there.

Thanks for all you did for me and a million others too. So sad you are gone, but you will be talked about forever, and your memory will never die.

Blass Ya,

15 March 2009

Message 133 - Marc Spelmann
Ali was the man who taught and consulted some of the UK's finest performers, from David Nixon to Paul Daniels and Simon Drake, so meeting him for the first time in my early twenties was a time that will stay with me forever. Actually getting a chance to see his real magic world in those two innocent looking apartments was incredible, he was a 'real' magician in every sense. Only we knew that beyond those doors was a true master at work. Ali embraced magic with a devotion that cannot be equaled. I truly wish that one day I can be half the magician he was. When Ali spoke people listened, when Ali walked into a room even the most famous were delighted to see him.

Aside from the magic Ali was quite simply a remarkable man with a heart of gold. May you rest in peace Ali.
Your work and love for magic will live on with the many people you encouraged with kindness.

Marc Spelmann
15 March 2009

Message 132 - Andy Clockwise
Ali you were/are one of a kind and the world of Magic will never be the same again.
Thank you for everything, you will never be forgotten.
15 March 2009

Message 131 - Trevor Maher T J Magic
Ali Bongo was one of the finest magicians ive seen over the years and will be missed by many. may her lay to rest with my regards Trevor
15 March 2009

Message 130 - Taff Welshman
Thanks Ali.... you were an insparation to us all, from professionals to us lesser hobbyists,....respect!!!!
15 March 2009

Message 129 - Owan Nemo - Président du Cercle Magique de Paris
Nous n'aurons plus le pétillement de ses yeux, nous n'aurons plus son sourire, sa générosité... Ali Bongo est mort.

Je pense à sa nièce Alison, à ses proches et à ses nombreux amis, aux membres du Magic Circle dont il était le Président, à eux tous je voudrais exprimer ici au nom du Cercle Magique de Paris comme en mon nom propre toute ma sympathie.

De lui, il nous reste et restera son immense contribution aux arts magiques... Mais nous n'aurions plus le pétillement de ses yeux, nous n'aurions plus son sourire, sa joie, sa générosité ? Oh que si ! Nous garderons en nous le pétillement de ses yeux, son sourire, sa joie, sa générosité... Car les hommes généreux sont comme les étoiles dont la lumière continue de briller dans l'univers longtemps longtemps après qu'elles se sont éteintes. Pour tout ce que tu as fait, pour ce que tu étais, merci Ali !

Owan Nemo (Daniel Krellenstein)
15 March 2009

Message 128 - Paul & Penny Stephenson
Thank you Ali
Paul & Penny
15 March 2009

Message 127 - Medway Magical Society
This society sadly misses "our Ali" - a founder in 1946 and a Life member. His first magic club to whom he always had a deep attachment and affection. We live on with the memory that we were priviledged to be part of his amazingly full and rich magical life.
15 March 2009

Message 126 - Jonathan Shotton
Ali was a great friend to me from the start of my journey in magic. His encouragement and support always meant so much, I feel truly honoured to have known such a wonderful personality.

Ali was incredibly generous with his time and knowledge, he would always offer help to those who needed him. The many young magicians he inspired and enthused are living testament to his giving nature.

I will treasure the many memories of performing and sharing time with Ali. Magic has lost one of its finest characters but his memory will live on. Thank you Ali for everything you have done for me, your friendship will be dearly missed.

Rest in Peace
15 March 2009

Message 125 - Ian Thom a.k.a Gingernutt the Clown
I first met Ali when we were in Glasgow together for the World Clown Convention held that year in that fine city. Ali was a great lecturer and clowned his way thru The Gala Show also.

Years later, I was happy to look forward to Monday evenings where, with others we'd have dinner together - often I thought this alone was worth my annual membership.

Just above my head as I type this is a badge which says "My mom thinks I'm better than ALI BONGO" Of course, I bought this badge from Ali at a Flea Market. Ali encouraged, educated and entertained countless thousands, and will be remembered fondly for that. Every time I go into the theatre at TMC, I'll think of him.
15 March 2009

Message 124 - Colin Bissell MMC
Ali Bongo did nothing by halves. He exceeded my age by a few years, but was a truly amazing man and a fine ambassador for magic. He could out think and out perform almost any one. Conversation with him was always delightful and worthwhile, while his performances were side-splitting and still full of the vigour of youth to the end. R I P
15 March 2009

Message 123 - Jim Bannan
Ali, we will all miss you, and me personally will be ever grateful for your help and encouragement. Rest in Peace dear friend,
Jim and Robert Bannan and family.
15 March 2009

Message 122 - Bubblz the Maths Clown (Caroline Ainslie)
When Ali heard I was a Maths Clown, his eyes lit up. He immediately came over to me, drew up a chair and proceeded to scribble some mathematical trickery on a couple of napkins with much glee. Needless to say, I treasure those napkins AND use the "maths magic" he showed me! See you soon Ali - I hope there's room for a mathematical clown in the great thump-tip in the sky!
15 March 2009

Message 121 - Mandy Muden
Will miss you Ali.Thank you for your constant love and supportx
15 March 2009

Message 120 - Josh Miller MMC
My memories are different to most, as I am younger and I first met Ali at my first visit to The Young Magicians' Club it was 2002. He did a lecture on stage and I chatted to him atfer in the Cubroom, I did not who he was, to me he was just a lovely friendly man. When I showed my Grandad the programme of the day he could not belive I had met Ali Bongo from The David Nixon Show.

I know I am very lucky, as I was a Young Magician' for 6 year and got to spend one Saturday a month chatting and learning From him at the workshops and I helped him in the Saturday night shows by being his SLAVE during Ali's quiz time. I also help backstage during the show and have done for a few years now.

Ali taught me alot about magic and his life over the years.

For me I so looked forward to my YMC workshops, when I think of YMC I think of Ali as he was always there. He passed his knowledge on to so many of us Young Magicians and in time we can pass our memories of meeting Ali to the Young Magicians of the future.

My last YMC was in September 2008 when Ali had just been made President of The Magis Circle and he was looking forward to me becoming a member now I was 18.

Ali was there the night I did my stage act for my exam to Join The Magic Circle. I did pass and my first time going to the Monday night meetings was Ali's 79th Birthday.

The last day I saw Ali was in January for the Saturday night show and Ali Presented me with my Magic Circle certificate on stage.

I am so glad Ali was President when I became a member and to have his name on my certificate, my certificate means so much to me, but now it means so much more.

Ali has been part of my magic life since Day 1 and I am so proud that he saw me make it into The Magic Circle he was so pleased for me.

I will miss him always but my memories will last forever.

Josh Miller MMC.
15 March 2009

Message 119 - David Berglas
Let us not be sad but happy and thankful that Ali touched all of our lives.
Memories can not be erased.

David Berglas
14 March 2009

Message 118 - Dale Salwak, MIMC
Ali Bongo's reputation - as a gentleman, as a man with an encyclopedic knowledge of magic and theatre, and as an encourager of the youth - preceded our meeting in January 1973. I had arrived in London for ten days. Knowing this was my first trip, Ali promptly took me under his wing and showed me around - including the London Magic Society and the London Magic Circle. Over the next 35 years, whenever our paths crossed in some part of the world, we picked up our conversation where we'd left off. He was kindhearted, enthusiastic, and fully alive to the world. After a day with Ali - on a show together, at a lecture or panel discussion, as judges for a contest, on a train, over dinner - I always came away feeling as if all was right with the world.
14 March 2009

Message 117 - Barbara & Alan Astra
I will always remember the first show that I saw Ali in, he was the Compere and what struck me most was that he had a change of costume each time he came on stage. As well as his magic, and magic knowledge Ali would always be emaculately dressed, even when not performing, his clothing was always theatrical.

Last December when Barbara and I were arranging the celebrations for Fergus Ankhorn's 90th Birthday , we asked Ali, to say a few Presidental words the following week, "oh next Monday is my birthday too," he said, "I will be delighted to." When Ali did the necessary for Fergus, the tables were then turned much to Ali's surprise and delight when another birthday cake was produced by Fergus.

Last week at The Circle, I suddenly realised, in my 29 years as a member, Ali has always been there, not only has he helped me with magic ideas he has helped me design the Banquet Menus, however will I manage these on my own!

Ali you will forever be with me
14 March 2009

Message 116 - Andy Taylor
I first met Ali Bongo at a Reading Junior Day in the early '80s, I will always remember helping him during his lecture as he dressed me in pigtails and stood me on a chair!

I also remember thinking how ordinary looking his props made for use on TV looked in the flesh, but on screen they looked great. This was one of Ali's many talents, making the ordinary extraordinary.

14 March 2009

Message 115 - Rupert Connell
Ali you will be missed by many but forgotten by noone. Rest in peace.
14 March 2009

Message 114 - George Colvan President Glasgow Magic Circle
I first got to know Ali while crewing the IBM convention shows, he was a real gentleman and was all ways interesting to listen to.

I saw him lecture at The Paisley convention last October and was still enthralled at the simplicity and brilliance of his ideas.

He will be sadly missed my all magicians, but will always be remembered.
14 March 2009

Message 113 - Malchat
Future generations will continue to hear the Shriek of Araby. Rest in peace.
14 March 2009

Message 112 - Steve Gore
The magical community will be a greyer place without your colour, presence and personality. Rest in peace dear friend. Our prayers and thoughts are with your family at this time. God Bless
14 March 2009

Message 111 - Aleš Kocman
Legend never dies...RIP
14 March 2009

Message 110 - DAMIAN JAMES
Thank you for the inspiration.It was a pleasure to meet you at the conventions.You always stood out in the crowed with your amazin suits!.An amazin magician,An amazin performer, An amzin charactor, A TRULY AMAZIN MAN. show em how its done in heaven! but dont give too many secrets away huh?. your gonna be sooo missed. god bless ya.
14 March 2009

Message 109 - Thomas Vite
You have been one of my first teachers in magic creativity long time ago at one of the first "Magic Hands" conventions. I hope to see you again "in good condition“ when we will meet in the future. Thank you for everything. Thomas
14 March 2009

Message 108 - Stuart Bagot ( BAGGY )
A legend in his own Life Time
14 March 2009

Message 107 - Ian Rowland
A legend, a friend, a talent for all times
Laughter his signature, magic his life
Inventive, ingenious, with a smile in his mind
Born entertainer, generous and kind
One-off, irrepressible, brilliant, fun
None better, none wiser, his legacy lives on
Gone but remembered, and loved, and admired
Our loss means there’s magic in heaven tonight
14 March 2009

Message 106 - Michael Lyth
Ali Bongo
Your friendship will be missed
But your books and ideas will always remain a source of inspiration for new ideas to grow
In memory yours
Uni-Que /Michael Lyth
14 March 2009

Message 105 - Alan Maskell
Farewell Ali,
you were always there when magic happened, equally at home in the spotlight or guiding behind the scenes, and your legacy to the magic world is immeasurable.
14 March 2009

Message 104 - John Oakley
I too first met Ali Bongo at Hamley's store, London, back in the 1950s. My father purchased my first 'trick' (a net corner Egg Bag!) for me from Ali himself --- but not till the latter first bamboozled us both with a couple of nifty coin 'moves', I recall! Some 25 years later, when the Magic 'bug' had truly bitten, I had by then studied so many of Ali's published inventions along with those wondrously descriptive Bongo illustrations. Imagine the honour then to find myself actually working with him at a Northern Magic Circle Easter Parade in 1979 ... as well as to have him second my application/awarded degree of MMC soon after!

Maybe Pongolia's loss but unquestionably the gain of the rest of the world's Magical fraternity, Ali Bongo is yet another Wizard whose Magic will live on.

Oh! ... and please copy & paste http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbOwMc5paAw from one of the Paul Daniels Shows (posting courtesy of Freddie Wilkinson from Nottingham). Go on .. visit and see 'The Shriek' again: I defy you not to laugh and Cheer once more!


14 March 2009

Message 103 - Brian Role'
It is really sad to see one of Magic's great personalities leave us especially since I have never had the opportunity to meet this extraordinary magician in person. The magic world has lost a great deal.
14 March 2009

Message 102 - mr.t.ricks
This wonderful world of magic has lost yet another member of our family
I had the great privilege of meeting this great man on a number of occasions
He always took the time to chat and advice and was always very friendly.
May you rest in peace Ali
14 March 2009

Message 101 - mike bonfield magicians in london
Ali , R.I.P
A sad time in the world of magic , Ali bongo a true showman in magic and entertainment
the man who put fun in to magic pure class, He was Mr entertainer in magic bless you ali bongo .

mike bonfield
14 March 2009

Message 100 - Harry Reeve
Goodbye dear friend. Thus sadly for me ends 63 yrs of advice, mentorship, chats, critique, humour, construction and invention techniques, artwork and puzzles. You name it, Ali had been there. As we all add our magical thread to the pattern of the tapestry of mystery, each of a different hue by virtue of our standing, Ali's thread, now woven, shines through as pure gold. I like to believe that his spirit made a brief stop in the land of Pongolia to check all was Bongo-lo-ish before joining the Final Circle of Magicians.
14 March 2009

Message 99 - Ian Fraser
Thank you for bringing the magic of Pongolia to the hearts of so many. For on night, just out of sight in the wing you gave me a small part to play, you made me part of that magic! Always remembered. Ian
14 March 2009

Message 98 - South Downs Magicians - Stan Reynolds
One of the great names in magic - will never be forgotten.
14 March 2009

Message 97 - Jack Romero
I only knew you for a few months as I only joined the Young Magicians Club in July 2008 but your friendly nature & inspiring personality will be greatly missed by me and others.
14 March 2009

Message 96 - Tony James
Glee - that's the word Geoffrey used and that's the memory I shall retain. You can hardly say you're involved with magic without having been influenced by Ali. There was always the gleeful imp lurking within.

Sadly I shall be working up in Scotland on Friday but shall be with you all in spirit.

A man to remember and when people remember, the person is always around.
14 March 2009

Message 95 - Paul Daniels
'bye friend.
14 March 2009

Message 94 - John Hofner
Thanks Ali for all your magical advice over many years. A friend and a gentleman. Sleep well.
13 March 2009

Message 93 - Carl Skenes
Rest in peace, my magic friend.
13 March 2009

Message 92 - Wes Iseli
When I found out about Ali passing away I was shocked. I knew he had become ill, but someone like him I thought would bounce back. I never met him but I have seen his work many times and I feel like the world has become a little less magical upon his passing. He will truly be missed.

Wes Iseli
United States
13 March 2009

Message 91 - Tom Crecelius
Having met Ali only a few times, and being just a secretary of a magic club, but a performing magician, I was amazed at his warm and friendly attitude and willingness to talk to those of us that are not at that level. A truly amazing performer, magician, and human being that showed all of us how we should act on stage and off. Farewell Ali, thank you for the short time I knew you and may we all learn from his example.
13 March 2009

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